Still Point Wellness Still Point Wellness is a concept spa specializing in healing arts
designed for mind-body exploration and deep relaxation.

Our services include the following

Salt Water Floatation

Salt Water Floatation

Floatation at Still Point

Supported and held by half TON of epsom salts, you’ll effortlessly connect with your body’s natural deep relaxation response. Skin temperature water and fresh oxygen makes our state-of-the-art float chamber an ideal environment to safely explore the connection between your mind and body. People who float regularly report a deeper understanding and the ability to transform stressful patterns, habits and beliefs into new strategies for success and happiness. Current university research shows that floatation strengthens the immune system by countering the fight or flight reaction in the body, triggers the parasympathetic (relaxation) response as:

During floatation

  • breathing slows
  • heart rate slows
  • blood pressure decreases
  • muscle tension decreases
  • growing sense of ease in body, calmness in mind
  • pain relief

Floating also

  • Increases endorphin levels (the body’s natural opiates) that can last up to a week, and this is ideal for managing chronic pain and/or injury.
  • Reduces lactic acid (a toxic by-product of anaerobic glycolysis) in the muscles caused by over training.
  • Allows recovery from injury in record rate.
  • Lowers anxiety, stress and tension in the body and actually retrains the nervous system.
  • Increases your ability to meditate with ease
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem
  • Change addictive and self destructive habits and behaviors


  • $69/hour
  • $95/1.5 hours (recommended length for first time float) *See FAQs for explanation
  • $119/2 hours

World Class Esalen® Massage

World Class Esalen® Massage

Esalen® Massage

Esalen® massage, created on the cliffs of Big Sur, California, is a holistic approach that joins body mind and spirit. It’s characterized by long flowing strokes with deep specific work that facilitates a gentle unfolding of the body’s muscle tension and holding patterns. Each session brings forth a personalized experience where the receiver’s nervous system is gently coaxed into a place of inner healing and transformation. It signals a return to one’s nature, a switch from everyday consciousness into a calmer, more colorful space, less inhibited by the constraints of time and place, and may facilitate a non-ordinary experience, one of deep connection where the body’s innate wisdom may come forth. It is not unusual to hear, “That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever received.”

Somatic Psychology

Somatic Psychology

What is Somatic Psychology?

Somatic (body) Psychology is an interdisciplinary field of study that involves the use of the body or experience in the body to uncover and resolve issues that cause distress or difficulty in one’s daily life. For the past 10 years I have been working with people somatically helping them to resolve some of these core issues of distress or dis-ease. Below is a list designed to simplify this enormous and incredibly powerful field of study and inquiry. 

Through an understanding of Somatic Psychology, you can

  • Learn simple techniques to utilize your mind/body connection to transform your quality of life
  • Enjoy a more complete and full life experience
  • Retrain your nervous system to be more regulated
  • Make wiser choices that enable you to get the most out of your life
  • Develop the ability to relax and boost your immune system
  • Discover your body’s ability to control your emotions
  • Achieve whatever goals you may have for yourself

Private Yoga Therapy and Meditation

Private Yoga Therapy and Meditation

Yoga Therapy and Meditation

The benefits of yoga have long been understood by the ancient yogis, and recently studied by western scientists as a way to address a wide variety of health issues such as: stress and anxiety relief, back pain, insomnia, cancer, asthma, emotional and hormonal imbalances, mental illness, and many more.

Yoga therapy is a great way to integrate a customized yoga practice into your life that can address your healthcare needs, establish positive habits and lifestyle changes.

Spa Reviews

Hydrotherapy is something that I have always wanted to try, and even after reading about it over the years it was a very surprising experience. It was both more challenging in the beginning than I anticipated, and more relaxing by the end than I could have imagined. Physically I felt extremely refreshed by the end, better than I feel after most massages. Mentally I experienced a deep level of clarity that I can only compare to my best meditations.

Rick Weigel, MD

I am so incredibly thankful that the forward thinking folks at Still Point have brought this to Asheville. I have taken part in the floatation 3x now. Each time I have left with a sense of peace and contentment. The manager, Corey, has been great at gently helping me continue to go deeper into the experience. Thank you Still Point!

Chad Krisel / Integrative Family Physician

As a medical massage therapist, I keep a pretty high standard for others and myself in the natural healthcare field. That being said, my floatation experience at Still Point Wellness was one of the most deeply relaxing experiences I've had. I now understand the tremendous healing potential offered by "floating" as it brought me into a deep state of inner quiet and expanded awareness back into the world where gravity normally rules. The facility is beautifully done and Corey was extremely attentive to my needs and comfort while there. If you're thinking about doing a float at Still Point Wellness, I recommend it highly!

Zach Comer / Medical Massage Therapist

Experienced my first Esalen massage (Thank you, Robin!!!) and my first float. I walked away from those experiences with my inner light shining brighter than it has in a LONG time. All the staff that I encountered there were amazing. I am looking forward to floating many, many more times.

Christina Walker

My experience of Cranial Sacral with Corey was relaxing and powerful. His presence is grounded, intuitive, kind, and pure. I definitely recommend both Robin and Corey for bodywork!

DD / Massage Therapist

My float/sensory deprivation experience last week was an ultimate reset button for me. Just to be alone, and experience quiet for a couple of hours is a miracle in my world. In the tank, I shed layers of "real world" ideas and responsibilities and then finally, let go completely of wondering about anything or worrying about anyone, even myself. Oh, and the kicker, it kicked my insomnia. Since the float, when I hit my bed, I have been floating off to sleep like a baby.

Jane Soboleski / Attorney at Law

Most of the time, perhaps based on shorter accumulation of experience or lack of familiarity with a client, it takes any massage therapist a little longer to tune into a client's body and energetic signature. Terrie got it right away, which is pretty rare in my experience. I want you to know what a special place you guys have there. I've had a good many mediocre massage experiences over the years (spoiled by a couple of highly intuitive Esalen trained therapists) and the sessions I had there were excellent. From my experience you have a wonderful team and I'm grateful to connect with you guys. Look forward to returning when I'm back in town.

S.J., Yoga Teacher/Musician

Best Massage Ever! Over The Top! This was Therapy In Motion! The Esalen massage with Robin was like no other massage I received in over 30 years of receiving massages worldwide. It was a combination of deep soothing work along with elongated moves of stretching. Robin combined them like an artist with her paints on a canvas, never knowing where one brush stroke ended and the other began...What a Unique Style! Thank you for introducing me to a whole body experience.

Jacob Lions

I have never looked so deeply into darkness that it ceased to be darkness. In spite of my initial apprehension, and how powerful the experience was, there wasn't ever any sense that it was out of my control. I felt perfectly safe, and knew that if I started to feel uncomfortable, all I had to do was sit up and push open the door. This experience was worth every penny. I recommend it to anyone, and plan on returning often.

Matt / Editor

Loved everything about my first saltwater float experience! Relaxing and expansive. Everyone was very helpful and guided me through the experience with such kindness. Highly recommended!

George C

The primal sound of Corey’s didgeridoo adds a fourth dimension to the experience of safety, rhythm and harmony that is Esalen.

Bessel Van Der Kolk PHD / Medical Director at the Trauma Center at JRI

I had a great experience of inner peace and relaxation while floating in the salt water. My body felt very relaxed and the border between the body and the water disappeared within minutes. It felt as if I were floating on air. My body felt very relaxed for the rest of the day. It was my first time in the tank but Corey explained everything thoroughly and made me feel welcomed to their spa. A great addition to any other personal practice you may have for yourself.

Ledia K

I love your "Deprivation" tank. But its not a "tank" folks its a private suite with bathroom and shower. I found it FUN and relaxing. Deprivation is not really the right term for my experience; it GAVE me peace, smiles, a relaxed body and a sense of affirmation that ALL is right and perfect in my world. Really... best I have felt physically and emotionally in the last few weeks. (And I usually feel pretty awesome, so this is better than awesome.) Love to all!

Kam Parker / BA CPT Award winning personal trainer and business owner

The float was like taking a trip though the universe. A future trip is a must.

Heather kierstead / Artist

I experienced my first float at Still Point wellness for my birthday. The Spa is beautiful and peaceful. The customer service was friendly and the staff helped me feel comfortable with this new experience. I felt a new level of release and calm. I found it quite easy to reach meditative states while floating. I can't wait to do it again!

Shalene H

After taking some time to settle into the experience, I found myself deeply at peace. The quiet on the outside helped me better tune in and supported me in being the witness to my body's sensations, emotions, and thoughts. This was profound. Thank you for the experience. So Nourishing.

Nancy Krisel / LCSW, LCAS, SEP

It is my belief that we are always face to face with the Higher Consciousness, but we just don't realize it, because we get caught up in the surround-sense theater production we call the Real World. In the tank, all that was stripped away from me, and it was obvious that whatever was in there besides pure consciousness was something I brought in there with me. It was very educational to view my collection of preconceptions, dramas, and emotions - and to be able to release many of them. My bliss ratio rose in direct proportion to my success in doing this. The tank gave me a wonderful experience, and was also a guide for what I should be doing in the context of Real World daily life. Thank you for providing this opportunity. It was everything you said it would be: relaxing, enjoyable, and spiritually significant.

Daav Wheeler

I tell people all the time, in my world view, meditation is not about clearing the mind of all thought. It is about being still and letting the thoughts come over you without engagement. If you stay in the NOW moment long enough, messages come and the freedom of clarity occurs. The float tank is one of the most pure tools in which this state is simple to access.

Liz Cox

Wow !!! Amazing, incredible, beautiful experience floating at this very beautiful place. It is an oasis for physical and emotional healing. My shoulder pain is GONE. The people are generous and kind. The place is beautifully designed, clean and tranquil. I will be back for sure!

Teresa Stickney / Artist, Singer, Songwriter

Coming to Stillpoint Wellness was like stepping back into a place of total peace and bliss. I recommend this business to anyone who would like to or feels the need to reconnect with themselves. The owners have hit the mark on providing premium mind body wellness modalities and we are truly blessed to have such talent in Asheville. This place is a must do for everyone who is looking for the best massage east of the Mississippi, take time for the flotation tank and make sure you have enough time to sit in with Corey who is one of the best somatic psychologists around.

Diane / Therapist

I emerged from the tank thinking "I AM a better person." Wow.

Eileen Gertz / Massage and Sound Vibration Therapist

My first float was wonderful- though I spent the first 20 minutes being afraid of being afraid, but once I accepted that I was perfectly, wonderfully safe, and so comfortable, I relaxed in a deep and lasting way. I look forward to sending friends and returning myself as soon as possible!

Lucia / Business Manager

Still Point Wellness is a beautiful little gem here in Asheville! It is such a peaceful environment with such wonderful people. My massage with Robin was incredible! The best massage I've ever had. It will certainly not be my only visit to Still Point.


Did my first float at Still Point a few days ago... I'm not even going to attempt to describe my time in the tank, but will say that all the 'noise' and cobwebs were washed away and I carried a deep, deep peace with me as I floated home. The next day, I felt more energized, open, aware, and in love with life than I have in a long, long time. My meditation practice has been vitalized, and my ankle (which never healed from a sprain 3+ years ago) now feels brand new. Loved it... can't wait to do it again... Thank you, Corey and Robin!

Carolyn Cahill

I had a massage/float package. The 75 minute massage with Robin, was beyond wonderful. After my massage I experienced my first float ever. I had done some research into floatation before doing this and it is well worth having the experience. There are not words adequate enough to describe what one experiences inside the tank, but it was beautiful. The experience I had at Still Point filled me with an inner light that numerous people commented on throughout the day. I cannot wait for my next float and massage there. The staff is beyond amazing.”

Christina Conger

The salt-water floatation experience is amazing! For someone who has a very difficult time relaxing and calming the constant buzz of thoughts that constantly bombard, this was the ticket. The entire experience was calm, soothing and relaxing from walking in the door until the end. Everything is explained to you, and you have a private dressing room and shower before (and after) going into the floatation room. After your float, you have time to readjust to the reality of the world, sitting on a comfy couch and appreciating the gorgeous fish in the salt-water aquarium while sipping some cool water or a cup of tea. I strongly recommend this and will definitely go back very soon.

Lori K. / Mom

I've been wanting to try a float and yesterday I finally got my chance. It was very, very interesting. You're not sleeping, but you are in a deeper, more focused state of mind and body. I had a wee bit of anxiety about whether I would feel comfortable and relaxed in there as I have a mild case of claustrophobia but those fears quickly dissipated when I got into the tank. The explanation and guidance provided by the lovely staff person was key to setting me up for a great experience. I highly recommend a float to anyone living in Asheville or just passing through. Well worth the expense!


My friend and I stumbled upon Still Point during a walk, and after talking to Corey, we both decided to go ahead with an hour and a half long float for our first floating experience. We both found it to be absolutely profound. I personally discovered a spiritual depth within myself that I had previously worried might not exist in me. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a deeper form of meditation, or to those who struggle with meditating to begin with. I will certainly be doing this again.


My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Still Point Wellness a few weeks ago. What a beautiful facility! The infamous float tank is certainly what drew us in, which by far is what sets this spa apart from any other of it's kind in the Asheville area. We each had the opportunity to float for an hour and a half. Afterwards, we both looked at each other in amazement. I am 8 months along in my pregnancy, and all I can say is, "WOW! Now I know what my baby feels like!" Not only was I able to feel those little kicks, I was now able to hear them as well! This entire experience was truly unexplainable! Not only was I extremely relaxed, but it helped to heal some of those typical pregnancy side effects... back pain and ankle/foot swelling to name a few. Lying in the tank completely buoyant, the warm salt water enabled my body to release itself of all the pressure that pregnancy tends to cause in specific areas. What a relief! Corey and Robin provide a detailed description of what to expect throughout. It is quite obvious that they have paid much attention to every minor detail in order to ensure your comfort. Everything is thoroughly prepared from beginning to end. We HIGHLY recommend Still Point Wellness!!!

Natalie Palladino / PNP, CNS

The salt float was extremely transformational for me. Steadying my thoughts, experiencing my emotions, and being with my breath in the tank helped me to revamp my energy body and come into more awareness within my physical body. Through this keen awareness, I felt an aliveness that brought me a sense of Self love and ease.

Kelsey Armbruster / Yoga Teacher and UNCA student

Until today, the most relaxing experience of my life was a day at the Grove Park Inn Spa several years ago, but my salt water flotation session topped it! Amazing, gentle, supportive, complete, healing relaxation. Thank you!

Michelle Rodgers / Mom

Wow, is all I can say! I have always been fascinated by the experience of a sensory deprivation tank. At first, I was saying "am I really going to just automatically float?” I did and it was fabulous. To feel yourself becoming weightless is a unique experience. I have not been that relaxed in a while. It gave me a new relationship to my body, I am now more aware of when I hold tension in my body. I am excited about this new and unique modality in town. I am getting all of my friends to try it and they love it. It's definitely in alignment with meditation and helps to clear the mind! I look forward to my next session. Thank you Corey!

Danialle M.

Just had my very first float tank experience and it definitely will NOT be my last! What a wonderful adventure and experience. I had done a lot of reading about Still Point Wellness before my visit and had tried to prepare myself mentally and physically to get the most benefit from the salt flotation event. It was everything I had hoped and more! I carry most of my stress in my neck and shoulders (as do most folks) and my range of motion when turning my head has not been very broad for a long time. While driving home from this very first visit, I noticed I was able to turn my head from side to side without the usual cracking and grinding noises I have been experiencing and my range of motion was greatly improved! I can't wait to go back and become even more comfortable with the total relaxation process. The attention to detail from start to finish is amazing. Everything about the float process was very well explained and you are made to feel so comfortable with pampering and privacy. Do yourself and/or a loved one a favor and visit Still Point Wellness for this one-of-a-kind treatment!

Susan C.

Two days after my float, I am aware of my body functioning better - especially cleansing itself. I highly recommend the experience and look forward to my next.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Still Point wellness, a very clean, professional healing center with an exquisite ambiance and attention to detail. The Floatation tank experience was unique and is like nothing else I have experienced in my 20 years in the holistic health field. I was surprised by the potential for physical healing afforded by the floating experience. Through eliminating the sensory experience, while allowing the body to feel fully supported in an imperceptible manner, I had the opportunity to retrain my mind. I became keenly aware of when and where I was holding tensions in my body. During the entire session my neck continued to stretch out, as if a gentle traction was being applied. Chronic tensions and a pinched nerve that had been afflicting me for weeks were reduced by more than 50% in just one session. I was surprised at the very physical, structural, benefits I experienced from just one hour of floating at Still Point. I look forward to experiencing more of the same again soon!

JoJo Silverman / Devotional Music Foundation Fairview, NC

Awesome recent experience at Still Point Wellness... It was intense, calming, therapeutic, get the picture. Particularly for someone like me who's highly sensitive, this world can be an over-stimulating place and so carving out some time for myself was the perfect birthday experience. 60 minutes in the flotation tank was bliss. My only complaint - not long enough! Next time, I'll go for longer …90mins or even a couple of hours. I'm looking forward to exploring deeper levels of relaxation and eventually getting to a theta wave state. I followed this with an excellent Esalen massage from Corey, who is a strong, knowledgeable and intuitive therapist. I think I literally floated out of there! Still Point Wellness is the perfect package for me and I will definitely be going back!

Vanessa Bell / Owner of Orangedot Design and Marketing

It’s hard to even put to words what I experienced during the massage and in the float tank. Both experiences were chances to take a deep inward look at myself, which is exactly what I was looking for. Its something I still think about daily since being there. The massage was by far the best I've ever had and being a sound engineer I found the use of instruments and sounds to be very moving, at times I even felt out of body. What a wonderful experience. The float tank showed me all kinds of things about myself. At times fear came into my mind but I was able to work through it, I felt areas of my body where I hold tension that I never realized and by the end of the session I felt them dissipate. I can see this being a wonderful tool for working through things in your life and I feel it would be beneficial to do regularly. Thanks again! We will plan on coming to you again next time we're in Asheville!

Neal Hicks / Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer @ Rocky Hollow Productions Software Test Engineer @ SNL Financial

My girlfriends got this for me as a baby shower gift. At 9 months pregnant, the float was remarkable. I was in for 1.5 hours and the intensity of relaxation was such a treat! My body was free of pain and discomforts the entire time, a welcome relief! The space was beautiful and relaxing, and the owners and staff were delightful!

Erik Rosengren

On the day of my appointment deep sadness was all over me due to a break up. I was not sure it was the right day to experience the salt floatation therapy because my monkey mind was in charge. After a warm welcome at Still Point and some positive reminders from Corey I got in the chamber. I allowed my body to relax, then a positive affirmation came to me. I asked for guidance to my higher self. I told myself "just listen to the heart, literally no need to do anything else". Being able to hear the rhythm of my heart was the key to quiet the mind. Then clarity and understanding came to me right there. It was amazing.


Thanks so much for the beautiful experience of my float last week. It was like a boosted meditation! My time in the tank was evocative and expansive, and I also loved the atmosphere of the center (especially the fish tank!) I will definitely be back for some more of that.

Connie Burns / Licensed Counselor

Thanks for the great first float! Much like sitting meditation, at first my mind was busy, but over time the thoughts settled down and I was able to get into a relaxed state by watching my breath. I played with my arm position as I have tight shoulders and a tight neck. I noticed a difference in intensity when I swallowed that was relative to my arm position. That was curious and kind of fun to explore. I found I mostly closed my eyes, but it was nice to occasionally open them and experience the lack of light. The temperature was just right and I never got too warm or cold.

Laura Houston / Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Master Instructor

Cory left both my wife and I in an altered state of pure happiness. Exceptional, exceptional, exceptional. From the moment that we booked the special (1.5 hour float with 1 hour Massage) Cory was wonderful. The service, attention to detail and conscious awareness about each individuals specific needs was truly outstanding and one of a kind. My wife and I altered between massage and floating. It was our first experience with floating and what a transformative event. The float experience was a journey through my layers of stress and anger. I started off feeling as if my neck and shoulders were about to crack then finally my body let go and released all the tension. What an amazing break through. I followed with the massage which was one of the most relaxing I have experienced. Overall the experience was very deep and created a new awareness in both of us. Cory did a fantastic job in bringing us back to our true selves.


I had my first float yesterday. In that environment everything you experience comes from the inside! I have to be honest here, being in a dark, enclosed space is not really my comfort zone. However, the float tank is not that AT ALL. It is a space ship! A portal. The sensation could be compared to the most nurturing hug you have ever had paired with the deepest self exploration you are brave enough to go into. I wanted to stay in there all day. So much healing. Thank you Still Point Wellness!

Liz Cox

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Still Point today! It was my first experience with floating, and I just know that this is an element of healing that I need to experience many times in order to balance a chronic dis-ease in my body around restorative sleep.

Upon entering Still Point Wellness I immediately felt a peaceful feeling wash over me, I was then greeted by Corey, with his authentic, warm demeanor and professionalism. He taught me the ropes around floating and for an hour I was left to float, come within myself in such a quiet way, which has been challenging for me over the years. It was really special, therapeutic and, for me, I know it will be transformational and balancing to my nervous system!!! I left feeling really peaceful, yet grounded and energized at the same time!! Floating is a must-do for everyone! It is amazing, restorative, balancing and feels like the critical missing piece in my healing. I am going again in two days!!! You will love it!!

Jennifer Rose Lazinsk / Occupational Therapist, Holistic Health Coach for Women

Robin is an outstanding massage therapist. To call one of her sessions simply "massage" doesn't fully capture the experience. Her body work is as luxuriant as it is transformational and as relaxing as it is inspiring. As a martial artist and a mother, I don't know what I'd do without my sessions with Robin. I honestly leave the spa with a sense of renewal I've not found anywhere else. Not only does she have a true gift, she also draws from a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows me to completely relax and receive the treatment. I'm thankful she is able to pass on this knowledge through her massage instruction courses, and overjoyed to have her as my massage therapist!

Nesta Kennedy / Owner of a martial arts studio

My first floatation experience was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, so came into it with an open mind… I left feeling way more relaxed than I have felt in a long time! The sensation of weightlessness coupled with the calming effects of the Epsom salts creates the opportunity for a truly and profoundly transformational experience. It releases tension, opens you up to a deeper level of Being and presence, and melts away the worries of the mind. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to doing it again soon!

Jess Toan / Healing arts director for LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival)

Craniosacral therapy with Robin was an amazing experience for my 1 year old daughter - and for me. We were there to help alleviate an ear infection and help fluid drain, as recommended by our doctor. Robin was wonderful, really tuning into the needs of my daughter, even before starting the treatment. She got her some paper to draw on and she drew a powerful picture throughout her treatment, Robin working around her all the while. My little one was so calm and at peace, yet very engaged throughout the session that it helped me relax too. And - she was much better the next day! I would love to bring her regularly.

Nesta Kennedy / Owner of a martial arts studio

Wow, is all I can say! I have always been fascinated by the experience of a sensory deprivation tank aka floatation tank. Lo and behold there is one in Asheville and basically right around the corner from my home. I was excited, but nervous at the same time.

At first, I was like "am I really going to just automatically float ?". I did and it was fabulous. To feel yourself being weightless is a unique experience. It really is like being in the womb, from what I remember, hehe! I have not been that relaxed in a while. It gave me a new relationship to my body. I am more aware of when I hold tension in my body.

I am excited about this new and unique modality in town. I am getting all of my friends to try it and they love it. It's definitely in alignment with meditation and helps to clear the mind! I look forward to my next session. Thank you Corey!

Daniele Martin / Marketing Executive

I did my first float at Still Point recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommend it highly. It was very relaxing and I felt rejuvenated afterwards. Corey's knowledge and experience was helpful and insightful both before and after the float. The atmosphere at the spa is inviting, and I loved sitting by the tropical fish tank. Now I get why floating is all the rage in the bay area and it's pretty awesome that we now have a spot here in Asheville. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Simon Tisman / Software Project Manager

It is hard for me to stop the chatter in my head and truly relax. I have floated at Still Point twice now and it is starting to change my life on many levels. One, when you're floating in a dark, silent space, eventually you have to let go and give into the stillness. My breathing slowed and I could hear my own heartbeat. Also, I grind my teeth in my sleep, and although I wear a night guard to help alleviate the problem, I have had jaw pain from the grinding and from clenching my jaw when I'm stressed or worried for almost as long as I can remember. After my first float my jaw was completely relaxed and pain-free. I admit the tension returned to my jaw after a week, but the second float alleviated it again. I can see where over time, floating regularly could help rid me of this chronic problem permanently. The space at Still Point is inviting and calming (and very clean) and the staff are amazing. I highly recommend.

Jill L. / Local Business Owner

Wow! After floating four days ago, I think I may just now be able to put my experience into some sort of coherency. If I only had one word: Primordial. In here, there is little separation between awake and all blends together in a still and quiet womb-like space where the body can let go and a finer tuning of our perception is available. It is hardly sensory "deprivation," but rather a space that invites us to listen within. I have tried many different practices of inner journey and relaxation, and this has been one of the most gentle and profound yet. Thank you for offering this to our community! I will definitely come back!

Rana Jackson / Somatic Psychotherapist

At the suggestion of some folks I know and trust, I went for my first salt flotation session at Still Point a week ago. The experience exceeded my already high expectations. The space is inviting, appointed with thought and care both aesthetically and technically. The elemental décor is a nice complement to the state-of-the-art chamber and hardware necessary to provide such a technically complex experience.

Not dissimilar to Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement, it strikes me that the flotation chamber is there for you when you need it, providing what it is you seek in that moment. Even better, I would proffer that the chamber does not need you to know what it is you need. I happened to find a deep sense of calm … the kind that teeters on the edge of excitement because of its novelty to our hurry-scurried systems. I harvested the best night’s sleep in ages the night after I floated.

Robin and Corey have created and actively cultivate an environment dedicated to safe, supported exploration of one’s wellness path, however that translates for each individual. Looking forward to future floats and to taking advantage of the other modalities offered at Still Point.

Sarah S

What a fantastic experience. The spa is warm and comforting. Corey was a great host who will put anyone at ease and the flotation tank session was great. The set-up allows for privacy and comfort. This was my first time getting this sort of service and any anxiousness was quickly gone. Corey explained the basics and then gave me great suggestions for maximizing the experience. They worked! My next appt is already scheduled!

Will E.

I woke up today feeling like a new man! Saltwater sensory deprivation chamber was truly amazing for both physical and mental healing. Thank you so much Corey for creating such a wonderful space!

Daric Allen / Massage Therapist

What a great experience today! It was my first float and I feel totally relaxed and renewed. Tremendous peace from letting go and being totally supported by the water. The space is also lovely and welcoming. Thanks to the great staff for a marvelous experience.

Althea Gonzalez

I am grateful to have already experienced the healing energies at Stillpoint Wellness. Being in the Float Tank reconnected me with parts of my soul that had been missing and served to move me more fully into a place of wholeness. I look forward to regular floats and also to Craniosacral therapy with Robin. Namaste

Mollie Milner

Corey Costanzo is an excellent therapist. He creates a safe space for me to share whatever I have to say. He is an amazing listener----empathetic and supportive and offers good feedback and ways to approach an issue. He has been a fierce advocate when I needed support from other sources. Corey is well versed is so many paths that he intuitively uses to help support and inspire me. In sessions, he used massage, craniosacral therapy, talk therapy, didgeridoo and bells, and aromatherapy to name a few. He teaches me tools and models a positive healing attitude.
Thank you, Corey.

Anne / Dancer

Thank you Corey for your sensitive, intuitive and deep understanding of the human psyche! The session with you was intensely freeing. You assisted me in seeing me from the hurt child and how that carries with us through life. Thanks for seeing what I need in moving forward on the journey!

Jacob Lions / local bussnissman

Still Point Wellness is a little spot of heaven in Asheville. I have had many experiences in floatation tanks throughout the world and the one at Still Point in on par with the best of them. I love that it is so spacious and the it's so nice to have privacy when you enter and exit. The private shower access is definitely a bonus.

With the other services of Somatic Psychology and Esalen Massage, you could spend a whole day there; cleansing from the inside out! Corey and Robin are so warm and welcoming, you're sure to enjoy your time at Still Point Wellness!


Through the use of Salt Water Flotation, Esalen Massage, Somatic Psychology and a range of other practices, the buzz of outer distraction fades as the still point settles within and around you. I'm not writing this as an Ashevillian easily turned on by the glow of new ventures in wellness. The something different in this case was Salt Water Flotation, in which you are resting atop the surface of skin temperature water in a specially built chamber to provide zero sensorial inputs. You have a space outside the chamber to yourself, to prepare. There's no sense of being enclosed, as the space itself is quite large, and fresh oxygen is pumped in continually. My mind and body ran slightly amok at first, then, still point. The "you" gets out of the way, and a relaxing, stimulating and deeply personal journey begins.


Thank you for this experience. I’ve been thinking all weekend about how to articulate my experience and it is somewhat difficult to put it into words. Ultimately it was a “reset button” for me. I have a very busy life and stressful profession, so having time where no one is calling on me and that I am not talking or listening to someone else talk is rare. For the first few minutes, I thought through all of my life commitments and mental “to-do’s”. After setting those aside, then came a few moments where I was questioning – what the heck am I doing in here? Is this thing working? After all of that came and went, I gave in to the experience and let myself float away. I’m not sure where I went and did not have any life changing revelations, but did experience extreme relaxation and mental clarity coming out of it. When I exited the chamber, I was disoriented and nauseous but that was only temporary. The most practical and immediate benefit was being able to drift off to sleep that night – when before I have been struggling with insomnia. As soon as I laid down in bed that night, I was back in floating mode and went right to sleep. That in and of itself was amazing and worth the entire experience. However, I can see that upon multiple sessions, that deeper mental clarity can be achieved. I’m glad that Corey didn’t provide too much coaching or direction for the first experience and just let me take it all in. The spa is an amazing environment and I’m so glad to know that Corey and Robin have a place for their unique talents. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who needs a mental break and anyone experiencing stress and/or insomnia.

Jane Soboleski / Attorney at Law, Soboleski Law, P.C.